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Campaign for the game  Carbon Island

1'30" | CHINA | English

Presented by Tencent IEG

Directed and edited by Miao Hao

About: In the film, we have created a black-and-white world in which carbon emission is visible. All scenes in the film are based on ordinary people's daily lives and what the protagonist has done to reduce carbon emission would bring about the disappearance of the black spheres which represented carbon emissions. We hope that the film would remind the audience that carbon emission is everywhere in our lives. The film does not have an ending and this suspense would attract users to download the game. The film combined with print ads of the same theme has significantly stirred up audience's curiosity and many audience members have downloaded the game.

Award: SHIAF Awards- TVC Silver Awards; New York Festivals - Branded Content/Entertainment: Best Use- Finalist Award



Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co.Ltd - Lead

Tencent IEG Social Value Exploration Center - Brand

Peng Wang - Creative Director

Jing Ke - Brand Manager

Xinqi Cai - Associate Producer

Tian Bai - Art Director

Miao Hao - Film Director

Accent Advertising Co. Ltd. - Film Production Company

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