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Directed, Written, Edited by Miao Hao

8min| USA | English


A story about a starving artist faints on the ground at a gallery opening reception. Unexpectedly, no one in the gallery helps him out but enjoys watching his fainting in an absurd way. 


The Performance
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AVIFF Cannes Art Film Festival | Cannes, 2018
BLOW-UP International Arthouse Film Festival- Honorable Mention Awards | Chicago, 2018

HiShorts Film Festival | Xiamen, 2019
Video Art and Experimental Film Festival | New York, 2017 
I Imagine Film Festival | New York, 2017 
Chicago Amarcord Arthouse Television Awards - Finalist |Chicago, 2017
Avalonia Festival -Award Winner of Dark Comedy Short | Rhode Island, 2017 
Featured in World Film Fair | New York, 2018

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